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Tiki Brewing is a brewer of craft beer and hard seltzer. Our vision is to provide our tribe with a way to escape from their daily grind. We enable them to dial it down, relax, feel the breeze on their face, the sand in their toes and delight in a deliciously crafted beverage. Life moves too fast for most of us. The Beach House by Tiki Brewing is the Escape You Need Right Now.


Tiki Brewing helps us get back to a contented, relaxed self. Tiki Brewing is about checking your inhibitions and having fun. People in our community work hard. They commute hard. They’re stretched for time and energy from the demands of raising their kids. Tiki Brewing is an escape. We offer our patrons a moment to collect themselves, savor a beverage and take themselves to a slower place. Even if just for a moment. 

Our beers and seltzers embrace the tropics. Our IPAs feature hops that deliver tropical flavors of guava, mango, passionfruit, pineapple and citrus. Our Tiki Hard Seltzer features generous doses of real tropical fruit, with balance and a clean finish so that they’re crushable 6 at a time. 


While we are a brewer of tropically-focused beers and seltzers, we want everyone to feel at home on our beach. We also feature craft cocktails, exceptional wines, slushies we make from scratch, ciders and soft drinks. Let's all party, no matter your libation of preference!


We promote an island ethos of seeking relaxation with friends and a one love approach to building community together. Tiki gives people a reason to celebrate, to commiserate, to drop their guards and make new friends from strangers.

Who are we? Tiki Brewing is a limbo party with hula dancers next to the warm glow of a bonfire at a luau on the beach. 

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